Our business structure is broken down into two main services which are the Indent Business model & the Ex-Stock Business model. The Indent business mainly services the bigger conglomerates while the Ex-stock business is geared towards the small and medium sized enterprises. The Ex-Stock business also serves the bigger conglomerates by providing them with raw materials upon request. We have structured our business in such a way to make us more approachable by a wide range of parties, thus ensuring a bigger stake in the local manufacturing industry while not alienating any particular entities.

Our vastly experienced and technically trained sales executives provide valuable services that do not just stop at the point of delivery. They are dedicated to every customer is treated equally and fairly while always keeping the customer’s needs in mind. We hold our 1-on-1 relationships with both our valued principals and loyal customer in high regard, thus our executives as well as operations staff are invaluable to the process.
  1. Provides innovative, creative and practical industrial solutions.
  2. Engages in business to business relationships with an extremely flexible portfolio of products and services capable of offering industrial solutions for every type of need.
  3. Tailors solutions based not only on a business needs but also provide all-encompassing services, covering all angles.
  4. Offers products and services of the highest quality.
  5. Always keeping in mind health and safety regulations while providing products and services, ensuring local guidelines, legislations and certifications are strictly adhered too.
  6. Conducts technical training sessions to university students (Undergraduates and MCS students). Our main objective is to bridge the gap between the industry and academia.

Our Sectors

Under us, we have 6 sub-divisions which service 6 specific entities within the raw materials industry. These are:

  1. Kullinary [Food & Beverage]
  2. Aromatiks [Cosmetics & Detergents]
  3. Fleksi [Rubber]
  4. Kroma [Paint, Coatings, Latex & Pu]
  5. Plastiks [Plastics]
  6. Konstrukt [Construction]

Our Vision

To be the premier brand for industrial raw materials

Our Mission

Primarily to service the B2B industry with innovative ideas and practical solutions, whilst striving to add value through diversification and development of the potential of both stakeholders and our human resources.

  1. Sales & After Sales Services
  2. Marketing
  3. Trend Mapping & Feasibility Studies
  1. Logistics
  2. Research & Development
  3. Technical Support


  1. After Sales Service
  2. Free samples for lab trial purposes
  3. Provide the necessary documents for clearances
  1. Obtaining local certifications from independent certification bodies
  2. Emergency stock for critical products
  3. Ensuring the Estimated Time of Arrival for goods is met


  1. Customer Inventory Management
  2. Free samples for lab trial purposes
  3. Provide required documentation along with delivery
  1. Arrange the declarations as per requirement
  2. Extended payment terms & Credit facilities
  3. Timely delivery (from issuing of the PO)

  1. We conduct technical seminars and workshops when required to educate and train our customers, especially when new products are introduced.
  2. We can arrange for independent testing, locally or internationally, if required or requested by the customer, on a case by case basis.
  3. We engage in troubleshooting and problem solving measures when appropriate or requested.

  1. Provide Bonded warehouse facilities for Board of Investment Companies
  2. Timely Port-to-Port delivery
  3. First-In, First-Out Policy

  1. A dedicated stores for all inventory.
  2. Material Safety Data Information is sent to customers and stores for all products
  3. Safety Information is clearly labelled on re-packed samples to customers.
  4. Highest levels of Pest control has been put in place with regular checks to ensure the hygiene levels are up to the required standard.
  5. Ensuring that the stores personnel follow proper safety protocols when handling materials.
  6. We only engage in high volume trading, thus all are our materials come in sealed and standard packing.
  7. In the process of attaining ISO certifications.